January 30, 2011

Shoes or Art... Art or shoes?

Name: Slide

Name: Sling Shot

Name: Blow

Name: Olive Oyl

Name: Blonde Ambition

Artist: Kobe Levi

January 23, 2011

Earth Water

Do you know that drink water is fashion?
So, let’s drink Earth Water.

Think with me, it’s like 2 in 1! While you drink this water, you keep your life health and at the same time you can help some undeveloped countries, because a part of the money is donated to the High Commissioner of the United Nations for Refugees.
So... Help please! :)

January 22, 2011

Asos Jewelry Top 10

Hi guys, looking to the Asos website, I decided to do a Top 10 related with Jewelry! So, here is my own selection.  Hope you enjoy!

January 19, 2011

Jessica Alba Style: Casual Looks

Hi cute people!
Today It’s the last day about Jessica’s looks! :)
Finally I will show you the casual looks. And today, contrary to previous posts I will only put here the pictures. Only to you have some inspiration for your daily looks! So, Enjoy!

Jessica Alba Style: Red Carpet 2

Continuing the issue, Today I will show you my favorite pattern looks from Jessica Alba!

I need to say that I love Printed dresses, most of my dresses are with some print, and I think it is a huge help to increase the look!
So… I’m not dyeing for the first look, it’s ok… But in contrast I LOVE the other two looks! In my opinion, I think that every single girl need to have a LGD (means Little Golden Dress), and this one is very sexy, I simply adore the long sleeve and the shoulders, and the stripes not stripes are perfect! The Third outfit, I need to admit that I’m a huge fan of green, and the combination between this color and the black is very nice. I really like the golden bracelets 2!

Second Round!
You know that I love Floral Print, So… It’s obvious that I adore the first look! It’s very light and pink (I like pink) and mainly simple. It’s fresh, I think is the better description! The  second one, it’s my favorite of all looks! It’s like a tie dye dress, and the yellow/green part gives a lot of interesting to the look! Finally, the third one I think the dress is ok, but what I like most are the shoes! Color Color Color = Spot of Light!!!
So, Next Time, Jessicas’ Casual Looks. And I promise it’s the last post about her!
Big Kiss


Good morning everyone!
So… Do you want to win a trip for 2 to New York? If your answer is yes, go to fashiolista website, and there you can find what you need to do!
Good Luck!

January 18, 2011

Jessica Alba Style: Red Carpet 1

This week I decided to talk about Jessica Alba. And between us, I love her! I think she is very gorgeous! And what relates to the style, She is perfect!
So, today I will show you  some of my favorite Red Carpet dresses!

Someone says something like” With black not commit myself”, and It’s so truth! For me, black is always a good option! And like I said when I talked about Anne Hathaway, we only need something to give some interest!
Fist Look: Love Love Love the Leather Dress! And the shoes of course; Second Look: A total Black suit, very flattering! And nowadays men inspiration is totally in! and Third Look: My fav think is the big necklace!

Well, I’m the kind of people who think that White is not for everyone! But in Jessica fits perfectly, right? So in the first outfit, I love the red in the white background! And the dress in general is beautiful. The second one, I adore the fringe dress and the total nude look (but I don’t love the hair…). Finally the third look, I like the hair, the dress, the little gold belt, bracelets… Everything! I think it is a simple look, that works very good!
Next time, I will talk about the pattern looks!
Bye bye and xoxo

January 17, 2011

The Girls with Glasses Show

I’m in a vintage spirit, and I've seen this video – I am a Girl -  countless times today! I love the clothes, the glasses, the smiles, the colors, everything is so put together! It’s so cute!
So… Enjoy the movie and then tell me what do you think!

Kiss kiss

January 16, 2011

Patchwork Skirts

Hi everyone!
Some days ago, my mom talked to me about patchwork.
So… I decided investigate the patchwork in Fashion. And to my surprise, I found really cute things!
But what I love most are skirts!
What do you think? Do you like?
Enjoy the photos!


January 14, 2011

Havaianas & Fred Pinel

Hi guys!
You don’t know, but during the summer my favorite shoes are flip flops, and I love Havaianas!
Everyone knows Havaianas, there are a lot of different designs, styles, colors, etc. 
But… This year The Havaianas’ Company  joined with Fred Pinel (from Pinel & Pinel) to create a new flip flops!
Here is the picture!

What do you think? Do you like?
My favorite is the red/orange one!
Kiss Kiss

January 13, 2011

Trend to watch: Night Blue

Oi oi!
Some days ago, I was reading my magazine and I read something like “Night Blue is the new Black”. Then I decided to do a search in some websites, and I realized… There are many options to choose!
It’s the perfect way to not always wear black!
So here is some ideas! Enjoy!!

Kiss Kiss

January 11, 2011

Portuguese Designer: Nuno Baltazar

Hi everyone!
So… Today I decided to talk about a Portuguese Designer, one of my favorite for sure – Nuno Baltazar!
His new collection name is “Morabeza” (Summer 2011) and it is inspired in Cape Verde. The collection is full of details, textures and it’s very colorful!

“It’s an emotional trip, a direct smile to the heart…”
He use natural materials like cotton, linen and silk and ‘burned’ colors  like white sand, ivory, clay, cinnamon

contrasting with coral, fuschia, blue, orange,red and black!

What do I like more in this collection? It’s wearable!

Big Kiss

January 10, 2011

Anne Hathaway Style_Part 2

Well... Let’s Continuous!

And there are something more glamorous than a long dress! Again, she prefers nude colors with some sparkling! I love the first one, with a full skirt, so pretty, so princess!

Casual Look, Finally!! Little cardigans, jeans, flats and a lot of accessories – mainly scarves (something I really like and I use a lot) and hats! Simple and comfortable.
I hope you like the post, is a quite long!
Big kiss

Anne Hathaway Style_Part 1

Hi Everyone!
So, today I decide to talk a little bit about Anne Hathaway's Style. We know that all celebrities have some help when the question is what to wear (mainly in Red Carpet events). But the truth is you can have the best dress ever, if you haven’t confidence, the dress is just another one!
So, what I like in her is how she wear the clothes. Let see!

Sometimes, Total Black looks are the best option, you only need something to give some interest, like a leather jacket, our a sparkling shirt! About the last black look, well I love the skirt part, it give an enrichment to the look, with the red shoes - A spot of light!

I think Anne looks simply amazing in nude colors, is very flattering. My favorite look is the second one, one shoulder dress, and the kind of wave in the front is very beautiful! In the third look what I like is the fact the dress is asymmetrical  (contrast between long and short).

Sparkling Dress, is something that I love, but I don’t wear so much! But I think for us normal people is something that we can use in an important event for us, like the birthday or maybe in Valentine’s day, besides Christmas and New Year! But of course, Red Carpet events are very glamorous, so nothing more appropriate! Who can, can! (I don’t know if I can say this in English) My fav is the last one, the gold, long sleeve dress!

January 7, 2011

The Haute List: January

Hi guys!
So, I've been thinking of doing a post about possible online shopping, especially now with sales. And then I received an email from Who what wear, where we can see three amazing choices from Justfab.com.
Here is the picture, and for me the first look is my fav. I simple adore the H&M cape and the Pascale shoes are amazing!
Big Kiss

January 6, 2011

Trend to watch: The Crazy Bands

Some months ago, I read something about the Crazy Bands.
But I had never seen in Portugal, so, I didn’t take a lot of attention...
However, about two weeks ago I found them in a toy store (yes, these bracelets are for kids :P), and then I thought maybe is kind a cute.

I bought two packages (transports and sea animals), but I haven’t  used yet! We’ll see…
I love the dolphin!

Big Kiss