January 10, 2011

Anne Hathaway Style_Part 1

Hi Everyone!
So, today I decide to talk a little bit about Anne Hathaway's Style. We know that all celebrities have some help when the question is what to wear (mainly in Red Carpet events). But the truth is you can have the best dress ever, if you haven’t confidence, the dress is just another one!
So, what I like in her is how she wear the clothes. Let see!

Sometimes, Total Black looks are the best option, you only need something to give some interest, like a leather jacket, our a sparkling shirt! About the last black look, well I love the skirt part, it give an enrichment to the look, with the red shoes - A spot of light!

I think Anne looks simply amazing in nude colors, is very flattering. My favorite look is the second one, one shoulder dress, and the kind of wave in the front is very beautiful! In the third look what I like is the fact the dress is asymmetrical  (contrast between long and short).

Sparkling Dress, is something that I love, but I don’t wear so much! But I think for us normal people is something that we can use in an important event for us, like the birthday or maybe in Valentine’s day, besides Christmas and New Year! But of course, Red Carpet events are very glamorous, so nothing more appropriate! Who can, can! (I don’t know if I can say this in English) My fav is the last one, the gold, long sleeve dress!

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