January 19, 2011

Jessica Alba Style: Red Carpet 2

Continuing the issue, Today I will show you my favorite pattern looks from Jessica Alba!

I need to say that I love Printed dresses, most of my dresses are with some print, and I think it is a huge help to increase the look!
So… I’m not dyeing for the first look, it’s ok… But in contrast I LOVE the other two looks! In my opinion, I think that every single girl need to have a LGD (means Little Golden Dress), and this one is very sexy, I simply adore the long sleeve and the shoulders, and the stripes not stripes are perfect! The Third outfit, I need to admit that I’m a huge fan of green, and the combination between this color and the black is very nice. I really like the golden bracelets 2!

Second Round!
You know that I love Floral Print, So… It’s obvious that I adore the first look! It’s very light and pink (I like pink) and mainly simple. It’s fresh, I think is the better description! The  second one, it’s my favorite of all looks! It’s like a tie dye dress, and the yellow/green part gives a lot of interesting to the look! Finally, the third one I think the dress is ok, but what I like most are the shoes! Color Color Color = Spot of Light!!!
So, Next Time, Jessicas’ Casual Looks. And I promise it’s the last post about her!
Big Kiss

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