January 18, 2011

Jessica Alba Style: Red Carpet 1

This week I decided to talk about Jessica Alba. And between us, I love her! I think she is very gorgeous! And what relates to the style, She is perfect!
So, today I will show you  some of my favorite Red Carpet dresses!

Someone says something like” With black not commit myself”, and It’s so truth! For me, black is always a good option! And like I said when I talked about Anne Hathaway, we only need something to give some interest!
Fist Look: Love Love Love the Leather Dress! And the shoes of course; Second Look: A total Black suit, very flattering! And nowadays men inspiration is totally in! and Third Look: My fav think is the big necklace!

Well, I’m the kind of people who think that White is not for everyone! But in Jessica fits perfectly, right? So in the first outfit, I love the red in the white background! And the dress in general is beautiful. The second one, I adore the fringe dress and the total nude look (but I don’t love the hair…). Finally the third look, I like the hair, the dress, the little gold belt, bracelets… Everything! I think it is a simple look, that works very good!
Next time, I will talk about the pattern looks!
Bye bye and xoxo

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